Is there anything better then Sunday Morning Jazz?

Seriously.. Ya sit down with your coffee/pot o' still messed up..sweat pants..your system is finally sounding like it should... and you slap on some Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, Stan Getz, Basie..etc (have to love the classics, and I wonder if there is really anything better in Jazz land then the classics??)

So tell us.. what is your Sunday music scene like ?

Enjoy !!

I just got the Stereophile Beethoven piano sonatas and have enjoyed them for the past 2 Sunday mornings.
If I'm not working, I like to listen to the "Dead-Head Hour" @ 10 am Sun. morning from a local radio station. In the afternoon, the PBS station plays folk, celtic music. Then in the evenings, this same PBS station will play jazz,classical,big band,space music etc...
Every Sunday morning from 9 am-noon my local jazz public radio station plays a show called "G Strings." It's great, quiet, thoughtful jazz, and I listen with my coffee, NY Times and Wash Post, and messed up hair all morning just as you describe. I just love this couple of hours every Sunday morning, I've heard some great artists on the show like Pat Metheny and Jim Hall and the John Taylor, Rosslyn album.
Sunday morning sex, followed by Sunday morning breakfast (the bigger the better), followed by Sunday morning jazz, then followed by a short Sunday afternoon nap, is better than mere Sunday morning jazz.

Having said that, Sunday morning does seem like a good time for jazz - for some reason lately I've been craving vinyl jazz on Sunday mornings. I have not been craving vinyl sex though...
In LA;it's 'Breakfast With The Beatles" 97.1 8am till noon.---Works for me.