Is there anything better then Sunday Morning Jazz?

Seriously.. Ya sit down with your coffee/pot o' still messed up..sweat pants..your system is finally sounding like it should... and you slap on some Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, Stan Getz, Basie..etc (have to love the classics, and I wonder if there is really anything better in Jazz land then the classics??)

So tell us.. what is your Sunday music scene like ?

Enjoy !!


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Every Sunday morning from 9 am-noon my local jazz public radio station plays a show called "G Strings." It's great, quiet, thoughtful jazz, and I listen with my coffee, NY Times and Wash Post, and messed up hair all morning just as you describe. I just love this couple of hours every Sunday morning, I've heard some great artists on the show like Pat Metheny and Jim Hall and the John Taylor, Rosslyn album.