Is there anything better than Rega Planet up $600

I'll need some inputs regarding a used cd player up to $600,please?
Also,which will be a better choice? Original Planet or Planet 2000 ??
Will Planet play cd-r burned in pc??
thanks in advance and happy listening!
I vote for a Planet 2000 used, get the latest version, they made some updates. I love mine, its very natural and analog sounding. I have the Apollo too, better in some ways but not as warm sounding.
I would vote for a Musical Fidelity X-Ray V3. The model is not being sold in the US anymore. You may be able to find a good deal here on Audiogon. The price for this particular unit has started to drop. Add the MF tube buffer and you will have a warm and detailed sound.
Definitely the Planet 2000, if you like the Rega players and their "house" sound. The 2000 addressed some quirks found in the original. If you like a less warm sound, a used Musical Fidelity X-ray or a Rotel 1072 might do the trick.
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Find a new CEC 3300. I don't think it can be beat for the money. It's about $500 new.
audio classics has a used revox s22 for $500 that is a fantastic performer. even at its list price it is a real value.
Sorry to change the direction of this thread, but, is their a noticable difference between the Rega Planet orginal and the Planet 2000? I ask because their is a big price difference between them. Thanks.