Is there anyone out there who knows anything about Essence Speakers by Dale Pitcher?

I have read all the threads I can find on the web about Essence Speakers and about Dale Pitcher. I met Dale at the Essence plant in Lincoln in the early 1990s. I know about his eccentricities but found him to be a genuinely nice guy with a great passion for audio. I have owned a pair of early Gem speakers and currently own a pair of Gems from near the end of their production run. His speakers are amazing. I would like to become acquainted with other Essence owners and fans of the Essence product line. I have recently found and purchased a set of Essence Topaz 6 speakers from the mid 1980s paired with a pair of Topaz Subwoofers. Is there anyone out there with any literature, pics, documentation, history,  setup procedures, or an interest in having an informal club or chat room to share the joys and sorrows of these wonderful speakers?
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I have owned Dale's Intiutive Design's speakers for about 10 years.  The Gammas Deltas still sound incredible.
I and my brother have owned Essence gear. My brother did have the Topaz. Not sure the model number but they did not have the subs. Its a long shot that he has the literature on them, actually since they came right from Dale they most likely dont. I now have the Intuitive Design Summits which are quite amazing. I have a long history with Dale Pitcher starting back right around 1979. If you would like to hear more about that let me know. I will still ask my brother though. Just have to say, I think what Dale made was some of the best equipment even though I didnt own anything else (to make comparisons) after finding his stuff. 
I have the manual and wave launch charts for the Topaz 6. Several years ago, I sent the midrange, tweeter assemblies with cradles, and crossovers to Dale for upgrade. They never got finished and I don’t believe they ever will. All I have left is the bass enclosure with upper sides, the tops, and the bottom plinths. I could send you copies of the manual and charts if you are interested.
Don't know a lot about them, but when I heard a pair, I liked them very much!
Like I thought my brother does not have the manuals. Looks like someone else does, thats good.
No one ever mentions the Essence 8a. It had the same driver complement as the IMF TLS80 and RSPM MK IV. The 8a had an aperiodic bass chamber instead of a TL. I thought the 8a was an homage to John Wright and his designs. It was a beautiful loudspeaker.
I just stumbled on a set of Essence speakers and I’ve been trying to identify them. I posted a discussion about them already but I’ve included a picture of them. I know very little about speakers but they looked and felt very high end so I bought them. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.
It is odd that the sides are covered in speaker fabric, Dale loved to use glossy finished exotic woods for his cabinets. I would need to know the dimensions of the speakers and see a photo of the connections. Also using a flashlight carefully try to determine how many speakers are in the units. From the pic they could be Topaz Subs or early Topaz 6 or Amethyst 30 but I need dimensions to be sure.
And to all who have responded to my first inquiry I truly appreciate your contributions to the discussion. And to mre28m5 thank you for sharing your information. I was never introduced to the speakers you mentioned nor John Wright. I followed up on your comments and read up on both the speakers and Mr Wright.  I seemed so have missed much in the years gone by. There are so many wonderful vintage pieces of equipment lost and unappreciated out there.