Is there any "volume attenuater"

Hi,I am interested to get the Stratos amp(Odessey) with the thought of hooking it up DIRECTLY to my AhTjoeb4000 CDP
(using its remote for Volume Control).Just to get a "flavor"
of what it would sound by this kind of a direct connection,I used my NADC370 Intergrated amp for experementation(disconnect the u shape jumper of the amp and have the IC. connected between the Main-In socket to the CDP). The sound is so full and LOUD even when I set the
voulme on the remote to MINIMUM. I wonder if there is anyway
I can get a divice(a "volume attenuater" so to speak,if my description is correct)that can be "connected" or "hooked up" to either the amp-side or the CDP-side.Then I cab have a "late-night musical enjoyment".This idea came about just because I bought my NAD amp a few month only and I don"nt
want to spend on getting another Preamp. Just thought of consulting you guys, your opinion suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks alot.
yeah you just need a passive preamp. you can visit and get either kit or assembled one in any configuration you want to order: i.e. number of inputs/outputs, stereo, mono, or dual-mono etc...
If you've some bucks to spend extra than Placette is claimed to be the best passive one.
I'd do a Google search for "passive preamplifier", since there are lots out there. For info on types and bits and pieces for DIY versions (which can easily better 90% of the commercial ones), go to, click "DIY" or the like. Don't decide on any until you've done the research, since you can easily go wrong--and you'll never know it.
Get a Creek OBH-10 remote volume attenuator. It has 1 input & 1 output (unlike passive preamplifiers having several). Check with Audio Advisor ( for availability. Been years since I bought mine, I think around $175 sealed & new. It even comes with remote which only is in use during volume changes only, rest of time OBH-10 operates passively. Uses small wall-wart PS. Check on upgrade PS, too (about same price as OBH-10). Watch out not to use long cables into any passive preamp (about 1m max.)
I looked at passives for a long time and even the best ones are pretty expensive for what you get. If you are at all handy go to DACT (Danish Audio Connect)and they will tell you how to build one yourself using their attenuator. The DACT is a first class product and you can build your own stepped attenuator in a 10 K version for around $150.00. I had a Placette and sold it in preference to the DACT I built for $150.00. You can build it in about 2 hours.
There is a placette passive pre which is highly regarded by many, albeit more money then most of these other set-up’s, around $1400(if memory serves me correct). Best part is, it is professionally built so there is less chance of human error, also it comes with a 30 day in home trial period, as said above, if you make a mistake building one chances are you would never know.
The cheapest passive that i know of is an Adcom SLC-505. It might not be as transparent as the other "high grade" pieces but they also don't cost about $90 - $100 on the used market or come with a wide variety of inputs or a tape loop. For that amount of money, you really couldn't go wrong and it would give you a small taste of what "going passive" might be like. Sean
Ihave a pair of "volume attenuators" I bought from DB systems years ago. You insert them in the signal path (RCA plugs on one end and jacks on the other) and they cut the volume by a fixed amount. God knows how much. Or how much quality you might lose by their insertion. If you'd like to try them in your system, contact me at
You don't need to upgrade the wall wart in the the Creek OBH 10 as the power is only used to run the remote control and motor and has no effect on the signal path which is of course passive. The upgraded power supply does do a nice job on the active products in the line.