Is there any streamer/integrated competitor to NAD C-388 w/BluOS2i MDC?

With the BluOS2i MDC module, the C-388 essentially becomes a very high-power Bluesound PowerNode2i with 4 (A-B switchable) speaker outs. Besides NAD’s other streamer/integrated (M32, that doesn’t have A-B capability), is there any other brand offering the all-in-one features of C-388?
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Every current Hegel integrated amplifier has streaming capabilities via its Ethernet input and third party apps such as BubbleUPnP. On the budget side, Marantz has a new two channel receiver that has streaming capabilities via wifi or Ethernet and their HEOS app which is a competitor to Bluesound. There are definitely others out there as well.
marantz nr1200
integra dtm-7
denon dra800h
yamaha r-n803

all significantly less expensive than the nad
The models I listed of course are all less than half the price of the nad, so whether one considers them competitors at the price point is subjective, I suppose.  Just pointing out models with the feature sets. 

I'm not as familiar with offerings in the $1.5k to $2.5k price range but, also interested to see what others suggest  
The Hegel H90 would be in the same price bracket as the NAD.
Do you need the streamer to be embedded in the integrated? My thinking here is you would have many more new-used options for an integrated if you are willing to get an outboard streamer. 

Do all in one units with DAC's and streamers hold there value? If history is an indicator with home theater NO. The tech is just growing to fast IMO to get a built in streamer in an integrated amp. unless its a relitivly inexpencive one.
Thanks for the recommendations! The Denon/Marantz siblings are new models I didn't know about. Both rated down to 6 ohms (Martin Logans can hit 1.6 ohms momentarily), so the Hegel seems like the best option (rated to 2 ohms), and like the NAD M32, it won't A-B speakers. Hegel is in a higher price and quality league, similar to NAD M32. Maybe when I've advanced to that level, I won't want to A-B compare speakers?

Seperate steamer would be great. Looking to keep everything compact in one box, with fewest analog connections - phono only (for those special occasions).

Thanks again!