Is there any Streamer/DAC/Preamp good enough to replace a dedicated standalone preamp?

I am getting into digital music server, considering a streamer/DAC/preamp unit like the the Brooklyn Bridge or Teac NT-505.    Has anyone compared its Preamp section against a good dedicated preamp?   I currently have the Conrad Johnson ACT2 and see if I can eliminate a component/cable in the chain without much sacrifice in sound quality.

PS Audio Direct Stream might be worth a look...
I have the PS Audio DSD.  I though I might get away with eliminating a component and I was wrong.  It's preamp stage will not match the CJ.  It is fine and is better than entry level preamps but won't hold up against a really good one. . 
I also have the PS Audio Directstream (Jr.), and agree, it won’t replace a good preamp.
  1. If you plug a DAC into a preamp, doesn't the sound of the DAC go through the preamp?
  2. If you remove the preamp and run directly from the DAC, isn't the difference in sound removing the coloration of the preamp?
  3. Do high end preamps add magic fairy dust to signals to improve the quality of the sound?