Is there any Streamer/DAC/Preamp good enough to replace a dedicated standalone preamp?

I am getting into digital music server, considering a streamer/DAC/preamp unit like the the Brooklyn Bridge or Teac NT-505.    Has anyone compared its Preamp section against a good dedicated preamp?   I currently have the Conrad Johnson ACT2 and see if I can eliminate a component/cable in the chain without much sacrifice in sound quality.

I use an MSB Analog DAC with a Renderer 2 module and volume control and eliminated my excellent Plinius preamp.  Sounds fantastic, but even used, the MSB is pretty pricey, especially when you add in the new Renderer 2 module.
Elac Alchemy DDP-2 ($2,500). Peter Madnik of Constellation Audio and Audio Alchemy designed it, and I have the DDP-1. Excellent DAC and Preamp with Streaming. The low cost is not how these sound. The streaming part, I have no experience with, but the other parts are of sound that you would get with something 4 times as expensive. The Simaudio Moon is nice, but uses ESS chip. I like AKM chips with programable FPGA and filter choices. Sounds more analog, to me.
PS Audio Direct Stream might be worth a look...