Is there any Streamer/DAC/Preamp good enough to replace a dedicated standalone preamp?

I am getting into digital music server, considering a streamer/DAC/preamp unit like the the Brooklyn Bridge or Teac NT-505.    Has anyone compared its Preamp section against a good dedicated preamp?   I currently have the Conrad Johnson ACT2 and see if I can eliminate a component/cable in the chain without much sacrifice in sound quality.

Op we sell many high end dacs and streamers and you are going to have a hard time duplicating the Cj sound. 

A Briscati, Mytek or Lumin are all excellent products but will also sound cleaner and less euphonic then the Act so it all comes down to what you are trying to create.

What is the rest of your system and budget?

Dave and Troy
Audlo Doctor NJ
My source is Universal player Ayre c5xMP.  I am looking for a streamer/DAC around $3k with SQ better than  my Ayre.
I use an MSB Analog DAC with a Renderer 2 module and volume control and eliminated my excellent Plinius preamp.  Sounds fantastic, but even used, the MSB is pretty pricey, especially when you add in the new Renderer 2 module.
Elac Alchemy DDP-2 ($2,500). Peter Madnik of Constellation Audio and Audio Alchemy designed it, and I have the DDP-1. Excellent DAC and Preamp with Streaming. The low cost is not how these sound. The streaming part, I have no experience with, but the other parts are of sound that you would get with something 4 times as expensive. The Simaudio Moon is nice, but uses ESS chip. I like AKM chips with programable FPGA and filter choices. Sounds more analog, to me.