Is there any Streamer/DAC/Preamp good enough to replace a dedicated standalone preamp?

I am getting into digital music server, considering a streamer/DAC/preamp unit like the the Brooklyn Bridge or Teac NT-505.    Has anyone compared its Preamp section against a good dedicated preamp?   I currently have the Conrad Johnson ACT2 and see if I can eliminate a component/cable in the chain without much sacrifice in sound quality.

I have an Oppo Sonica DAC. I no longer use a preamp.
Lindemann Musicbook source. High end dac-streamer w analog pre-amp featuring a Muses volume control ( also used in pass labs preamps). The Source is a new model and will be out in the next mos. check out reviews of the Musicbook DSD series. Same feature set with and upgraded AKM 4493 dac set. Roon ready. About 3850 retail. 
I am replacing an Aurender A10 and a MicroZotl 2.0S with the Source. Cleaning up the chain. Losing on board storage but will plug in a 1tb ssd  for local files.  Will report when it comes in. 
an EVS modified Sonica sounds great...
Op we sell many high end dacs and streamers and you are going to have a hard time duplicating the Cj sound. 

A Briscati, Mytek or Lumin are all excellent products but will also sound cleaner and less euphonic then the Act so it all comes down to what you are trying to create.

What is the rest of your system and budget?

Dave and Troy
Audlo Doctor NJ
My source is Universal player Ayre c5xMP.  I am looking for a streamer/DAC around $3k with SQ better than  my Ayre.