Is there any Quality semi-auto turntables out ther

Just wondering if there are any direct drive ,semi-auto turntables that can give quality sound?
Denon DP59L DP62L DP45L(L means it has lift) Denon are direct drive
Dual 5000 or 7000 Dual are mostly belt drive
(I own a Denon DP59L and a Dual 7000.)
The Technics 12000 are some folks nirvana too.
I currently have a Technics 1700 w/a Denon 160cartridge and am not getting the sound I want. I am tweaking my physical set up which is probably adding to my listening woes. But want to know what else is going on out there. Thanks
Go belt drive. You'll be pleasantly surprised, sonically. I know I was when I made the switch from direct drive. The Duals are good tables and I believe some of the Thorens are semi auto also.
I use belt but the denon dp45 are good tables for the bks . I used most of them over the years i sold denon products smong others any moons ago
Not this week.