is there any one near atlanta ga that can come set up my pro

i am a two channel guy but have had sony crts for years. a 35 inch tv does not cut it. any way i need some one resonable to come set up my either 1252 or 1270 sony. or tell me whats better. for decent dollars or trade. thanks alot kirk.
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There's a dealer in Dunwoody, I believe the new name is Sound And Cinema, I have had excellent dealings with them in the past.
Sound and Cinema moved to Alpharetta. Their web site is or 770.751.7818, I was there this weekend :).
go to Sound and Cinema, the best audio dealer in and around Atlanta.
well looks like sound and cinema wins. thanks guys. what is the best projector for home theater? how are the giant single gun barcos compared to the sony 3 gun?