is there any multi-chnnel power amps that can...

produce equal power for 5 or 6 or 7 channels for movies, but produce higher 2 channel for stereo?

for example, 5x100 watts(total 500watts) for movie and 2X250 watts(total 500) something like that.

because my H/K reciver says that it's power is 70wattsX5 for multi channel or 100watts for stereo(not quiet same output but certainly more than 70 each for stereo).

So, I'm wondering if any power amps can do simliar thing.
(sort of automatically bridging the 5 channels to higher 2 channel)

Kind of bothers me wasting or idle(not making use of) available powers when listening to stereo with multi channel power amp.
EAD Powermaster amps for one. PM 2000 produces 400 watts all channels driven into 8 ohms and 1000 watts per channel in stereo.
The Theta Dreadnaught II is configurable however you want, with up to five total modules, of either 1x225x or 2x100w. So you could have two of the 1x225 modules (or better yet 3, and use one for center), and two or three of the 2x100 modules. And better yet, for two channel listening, there is an option of selecting one button which will send the bulk of the current to just the left and right channels.

Plus, Theta amps sound fantastic.

No reason to be bothered by this if you have adequate power in MCH and in stereo. OTOH, all you are getting from the HK is the result of the power supply not being shared by 5 channels, but only 2, when used in stereo. In fact, almost any MCH power amp with a single power supply will so similar. (Some MCH power amps have one PS per channel, so they perform the same in MCH and in stereo.)