Is there any hope for my room?

I am having lack of bass issues with my room and in need of help.I am going to leave my equipment out for now since I have had the same set up in several rooms and never had trouble like this.Let me give you some background,the drums are the most important instrument to me for my stereo to reproduce accurately,especially the toms and kick drum,if I cant have those I would just a well do without.We have moved and with the new residence came my very own room for my 2 channel playback(which was very exciting until I tried setting my stereo up in it)I am lacking deep bass and have moved my speakers around,and around,and around and cant seem to shake this lack of deep bass problem(drums currently sound like 5 gallon buckets)I try moving speakers closer to a wall and all I get is more standing waves no improvement.I ran my room on the room simulator over at rives and it confirmed what I have been hearing,at 120hz my frequency nose dives while my speakers are very capable of 20hz.The room is 14x19 with 8ft ceilings,2 doorways,2 windows,a funky cut in,and a massive headache to boot.There are all kinds of products available to tame different frequencies,but are there any products available to tackle my problem? I have never seen or heard of any but I am desperate there any hope for my room?

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Thanks for the responses folks,
Timrhu,the walls are drywall with one wall being brick inlay.
Unclejeff,finances dont allow,from what I have read I am sure it would be money well spent.
Bigjoe,I have tried the speakers on two walls and two corners,no luck yet.The room is fairly empty,just a chair,rack,and speakers.
Newbee,yes I can blame the chair just as much as the speakers for my sore back.I have a rat shack special,no test disc yet,have the rives test cd on its way(should have been here by now)
Aroc,it would be nice to have booms of some sort,at least I would have something to work with,I think.My back will testify that the experimentation of chair placement has been implemented.As far as the wife is concerned,I dont think she cares what I do in there as long as I dont call her some of the names the stereo has earned here lately.
Elevick,the speakers are on spikes,tried with and without,no luck
I was fortunate enough to run across a individual on the net who knew about my problem and more importantly knew how to fix it!! I was told the reason for me lacking deep bass was phase issues.Somewhere in the frequency range above my problem area the sound waves were colliding and cancelling out everything below it.Which made sense to me since I have pulled the dumbass stunt of hooking the new speaker cables up out of phase and wondered where my bass had went.He told me that I needed "rigid fiberglass" and lots of it.Now this is not something you can buy at home depot or the like,it seems like it is a supplier only thing and I went to great lengths to find it.It comes in 2ftx4ft pieces and the thickness anywhere from 1in to 4in thk.I bought 18 pieces,it came three to bag and so far I only have 5 pieces up and there is a HUGE improvement.I put one up and listen,then I will put another up and listen some more.As far as the bass goes,I am not "there" yet but there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.Hopefully somewhere between piece #5 and #18 I will have it.
Thanks again to everyone who posted
owens 705 was a recommendation made to me.I was told the important thing to look for was how dense the fiberglass was and to get a density of at least 3lbs per cubic foot up to 6lbs per cubic foot.Just for the record,owens 703 is 3lbs cu ft and the 705 is 6lbs cu ft.Keep in mind along with being called rigid fiberglass,it has several aliases such as mineral wool,rock fiber,and mineral fiber.The brand I ended up with was ROXUL with a density of 3.5lbs cu ft.None of my local hardware stores or lumber yards had it or even knew what i was talking about when I asked for it.I had to dig the phone book out and looked under insulation and found a insulation supplier that was willing to do businiss with me(several of them would only do business with contractors)The roxul just happened to be the brand that they had with the density I wanted.If you live in Ohio I will send contact info on the supplier.