Is there any hope for my room?

I am having lack of bass issues with my room and in need of help.I am going to leave my equipment out for now since I have had the same set up in several rooms and never had trouble like this.Let me give you some background,the drums are the most important instrument to me for my stereo to reproduce accurately,especially the toms and kick drum,if I cant have those I would just a well do without.We have moved and with the new residence came my very own room for my 2 channel playback(which was very exciting until I tried setting my stereo up in it)I am lacking deep bass and have moved my speakers around,and around,and around and cant seem to shake this lack of deep bass problem(drums currently sound like 5 gallon buckets)I try moving speakers closer to a wall and all I get is more standing waves no improvement.I ran my room on the room simulator over at rives and it confirmed what I have been hearing,at 120hz my frequency nose dives while my speakers are very capable of 20hz.The room is 14x19 with 8ft ceilings,2 doorways,2 windows,a funky cut in,and a massive headache to boot.There are all kinds of products available to tame different frequencies,but are there any products available to tackle my problem? I have never seen or heard of any but I am desperate there any hope for my room?

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Agree with Newbee. I had a similar problem in the new room in my house. It was funky shaped. I was changing speaker placement to no avail. It would just increase the existing node "booms." The nulls were still there. I wasn't until I started moving the listening position out into the room that the bass response started to even out. I had to be 4.5 foot (minimum!!) out into the room before the sound started to sound even.

I also recommend Newbee's request to use one of the Stereophile test discs (bass tones decade track, 200Hz-20Hz) and the Radio Shack SPL meter. I used the digital meter (since I had trouble finding the analog one) and Stereophile test disc 2 ($0.99 cents at half price books, used).

It took me about 10 days using the meter and test disc to zero in one my current speaker location and listening chair location. The trick is to be methodical, chart down the values, then move either the speakers or the chair one at a time and in one direction at a time. Plus I was learning a lot at the time. You start to learn how the different movements affect the response. About 1-2 hours a day for 10 days. Like I said. Take your time. Sub took another 2-3 days to dial in after than point. But I pretty much had it nailed after the first day. The other days were all fine tuning. You do start to get pretty good at if after a while of practice. :-)

I'd say the problem may lie with your listening chair location. Don't let her give you grief. move that couch around and stick to your guns!