Is there any hope for me at all?

I think I'm suffering from 'Audio Nervosous'. I just unpacked my VPI SDS and noticed it had a detachable IEC power cord. My first thought was, 'I wonder if anyone has tried upgraded power cords on their SDS'. My second thought was, 'Dude, you're messed up'. However, my first thought and curiousity lead me to post this, so you could all psycho-analyze me, and tell me maybe mommy didn't love me enough as a child. Or maybe you could just tell me if any of you SDS owners have upgraded the power cord and what effects you observed. Also, what cord did you use.

Thanks, and now back to my second thought......

No help here, I just received my SDS Thursday and the first thing I did was to put a PS Audio Mini-Lab power cable on it. Is it better than the stock cable? I don't know, didn't even try it. Oh well, I guess Audio Nervosa is alive and well in Oklahoma too.
Rec hit the nail on the head. The SERIOUS addicts apply a set of tweaks immediately to any piece, knowing that most of the time it will have made a significant difference, and the rest of the time very little or none. Just like sports car buffs who will immediately swap out the stock Michelins for Pirrelli's, or camera buffs who have never used the standard flash that came with a camera, or people who love hot food immediately put the tobasco on their entre without tasting it first. Yeah, we're nuts, but everybody is nuts about something. That's my rationalization and I am sticking to it. Oh yeah, hi, I'm Joe and I'm an audioholic.
I suggest you get 3 or 4 PCs and conduct a series of careful listening session. Each PC must be properly broken-in, at least 100 hours per PC. Make sure each PC under test is not moved or in anyway physically disturbed for at least 72 hours prior to serious listening evaluation. Also remember to keep room temp and humidity conditions consistent. Although some may consider it "over the top", I recommend staying consistent with your eating habits and bowel movements during the evaluation period. As far as music goes, choose only 3 or 4 pieces and it's actually better to listen to music you don't enjoy. It eliminates any emotional attachments that might interfer with your audiophile dissection of the sound elements. Take careful written notes. 3 or 4 months from now be sure to report back to Audiogon with your findings.
The comments of Onhwy61 are right on. For what it is worth, the Walker motor controller responds very positively to various power cords from the wall to controller, as well as from the controller to the turntable.

How can a this 70 pound (+) lead platter, being turned by a silk belt, sound any different by swapping a power cord in FRONT of the controller (PRE voltage processed)?

I don't know or pretend of understand, but it is clearly audible and necessary to anyone seeking the last bit of upgrade in their analog system. As Onhwy61 said, do post results of your test. I would like to know if your controller reacts the same as my Walker.
Onhwy61,it's scary, almost like you're in my listening room, you have my testing methods down so well. ROTFLMAO! I guess I'm not alone. Albert, thanks for sharing your experiences, it does seem odd that a power cord could make that much difference on such an impressively engineered piece of equipment as your Walker. I wouldn't doubt you though, because I've heard p/c's make a difference when it didn't make sense before. I'll try to report back to you, but first I'll have to go out now and buy another p/c. As I have an assortment of BMI's and Shunyata cords, but all are currently in use. I can't see pulling one off a amp, preamp, or PLC to test on the SDS as this would affect my baseline. I've kinda grown fond of the Whale Elite Mk II's and they seem an inexpensive enough place to start. Maybe I'll just grab one and try it against the stock cord. It probably will take a few months 'til I iron this one out.

It's funny, when I ordered the SDS, I had no idea it had a detachable power cord. As soon as I saw it, it's just like Audiofile9 said, I thought 'wow, I can make it better.' I'm ashamed of myself. If my family ever found out, I'd be ruined, Ruined I tell you!

BTW, it does make quite a noticeable difference, even with the stock cord. I seem to be able to locate instruments within the soundstage better. I wouldn't say it throws a larger soundstage, but it's easier to differentiate, and pick up audio clues within the soundstage. Almost like you have a better feel for where the musicians are standing in relationship with each other. The bass seems a little tighter and the background a tad quieter.

The new SAMA also has an IEC. Never tried an after market cord on my SDS- but I will now. Why not- I know I'm an addict anyway.
Hi John please refer to this thread regardingTurntable Power Cords
Bob, Thanks for the link. Have you had a chance to perform any experiments yet? BTW, my SAMA is the older version with the attached p/c. I'm considering myself lucky, as this would only be one more avenue I'd be forced into experimenting with. Since I've already got a couple experiments going on in the system, and a couple more ideas on the 'back-burner', I'm not really looking for more things to add to the list at this time.