Is there any fun in tuner?

Never actually tried to have a tuner in my setup since there is almost no music that I like on the FM radio in New York. The whole New York air is into hip-hop and some easy-listening stuff. I like heavy fusion jazz, progressive rock, meaning Weather Report, Brand-X, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Marillion, Gentle Giant... What kind of music do you listen in your tuner at home and at what US/Canada state?
Is tuner any good in sound quality if compared to CD-player or TT(imagin everything of the same class of sound reproduction)?
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I recently purchased a Magnum Dynalab FT101A (dealer demo)and an outdoor antenna that goes through my crawlspace then outside through my wife's garden and up to the top of my car port. It turns out to be the best thing to have ever happened to me. I work out of my home usually and leave the classical station on and get hourly news updates. I then switch to eclectic public stations from various parts of North Carolina. Sometimes I sneak out of bed at about 3:00 am when the signal's real strong and the DJ's play the best stuff. I never listen to commercial stations. The sound quality of this particular tuner is excellent!
Hi Marakanetz, I live in NYC and listen to WFUV, Fordham University's station. It features some of the best DJ's who pioneered real progressive rock radio at WNEW many years back. They feature a "City Folk" sound, kind of an urban folk rock with a twang, but they also get quite a bit eclectic at times. They feature live acoustic performances frequently. 90.7 on your dial. Check it out. I need a new antennae. My Terk FM Pro sounded great for 2 minutes, I dropped it (lightly), and wham ...stinky reception. My Musical Fidelity A3 tuner is not too shabby either.
Sure is,and theres a stationthat might fill you needs.I'm not a rock music listener but my co-worker is and it's K-Rock.104.9.Get a MAGNUM DYNALAB tuner and a very good antenna,dynalab makes a good one too.It should pull in some of the more difficult stations you want to hear.Hope this helps.
Video killed the radio star, but commercialism killed radio! Having worked in radio during the golden age of F.M. progressive (70's) it's really a shame that the F.C.C. deregulation allowed a few holding corporations to own most of the licenses in America. Consequently, almost all cities have identical sounding stations since programming is NOT done locally. And the commercials! I've heard stations go 5 minutes at a whack with ads, then return with only 10 minutes off music! Unfortunately, most R & R stations also EQ the crap out of the bass (kinda like a modern version of Phil Spector's "wall of sound") and compress the hell out of the signal! At least in N.Y.C., you have plenty of choices compared to a secondary or tertiary market; however, the best tuner in the world will not correct an artificially corrupted signal (source). Stick to F.M. in your car!

If that's really your name..... The Magnum Dynalab suggestion is very good, however they left out one great point. The Dynalab FM whip (and I mean that in a good way), antenna. Don't be frightened by the $100 price tag. Money well spent. Will help you towards the most involving FM you've ever experienced. Good luck.
I am considering the magnum dynalab md102 with the DL whip antenna. Does it matter how you mount the antenna in the attic space, upside down or right-side up or along sloped roof trusses? Please advise. Thanks, great discussion.
Unfortunately, Fat Parrot, I must agree with you. Sadly FM radio has changed drastically. There are the same 5 or 6 formats, rotating the same 15 to 20 songs, in most major markets that I've been to. The only exception are the small college and public radio stations. (Even the small Hick towns try desarately to mimick the large corporate stations, most likely to mimick their revenue generation).

Forunately, Eastern Washington University has a radio station, playing a decent mixture of classic and recent jazz on 89.5 FM, which I listen to/support.

I won't even get into the compression/eq used in most FM stations, nor the lame brain dick jockeys which have infested our airwaves. Most D.J.'s seem to have no inclination for music.

I suggest trying your local public radio station, it may be a refreshing change.
Does anyone have any expierance with good FM stations in the San Antonio, Texas area?