Is there any DVD not CD transport

I am looking to upgrade my DVD player. I have a very good DAC in my stereo system. I am looking for a very good DVD trsnaport which can feed video into my TV and sound digital signal into the DAC.
Is pure transport (rather than player)available?
Yes. Theta DaVid and Carmen are transports. I have a DaVid and it is very good on cd's. Much better than the Data Basic 2 that I compaired against.Both are much better than the sony DVD player I was using.
Not sure SONY DVP-S7000 DVD player is a good transport.
Muse makes one. It's pretty good on video...Also, Proceed had one...and someone's already mentioned the Theta's...
There is a modified Pioneer for sale here on Audiogon. I have no connection with this product or the seller.
I just obtained a Simaudio Orion DVD transport, and am
using 480i to a Dwin scanner, and digital audio to my
DAC. Fabulous 3-D vivid image, no grain, and audio
the best I have heard to date. Check their website.
Hung, I can attest that the DVP-S7700 DVD player makes a great transport for audio. I just got mine from e-bay for 2 hundred and it sounds pretty remarkable. A "high-end" level of performance for a tenth of the price of a comparable performing big name transport. Big stupid remote though, but it does cool things. HR
I just sold a Vecteur L4.2 as I don't listen to CDs all that much anymore since I acquired a turntable. Having said that I still require a replacement for my ageing Marantz CD63II and would like a DVD unit so I can replace the Pioneer DV302 DVD player at the same time.

The units on my list are the Sony DVP-s7000, s7700, and the 9000ES. Any comments on the relative performance of these three units? DTS is not important to me as Dolby Digital works great. My primary interest is the CD transport performance and video is secondary.