Is there an rca input selector box audio only 2ch in 1 out?

I searched yesterday and could not find this but I thought someone might know if there is such a box that could have 2 channels (2 pairs rca) incoming and one out put so I could switch between phono and sacd player to analog input.My new amp only has one analog input and just looking to leave cables in place instead of unplugging all the time.I really googled but found video switches. I found a tube line buffer but it only has one channel input. thanks for any help.
The Schiit SYS ($49) is one. It is passive but also has a potentiometer. I have one from Decware with 4-in and 2-out which is very nice but much more expensive.
I made the mistake again saying amp instead of integrated amp.  I don't need to volume control is this still workable? Otherwise just what I need.
The Bay is the place to look. I am sure you can find one there.
The Schiit SYS will still work, just turn it all the way up (check their FAQ). As it's a passive device there are no electronics in there to muck up the signal. Cheap and versatile little device which IIRC got plenty of nice reviews from 'philes. Good luck.
Another vote for trying the SYS used full open. 
I just have to ask, if you have two sources why oh why would you buy a new amp with one set of inputs?  Now you have to insert another component into your signal path, which will at least somewhat compromise the sound of BOTH sources.  Why would you put yourself in this position to begin with?  Seems like you just set yourself up for a problem.  Was there not another amp out there with more than one set of inputs that met your needs?  Personally, I'd put up with switching interconnects before inserting another component in the signal path.  And then every time I had to switch interconnects I'd kick myself for buying an amp with one input when I had two source components.  
About 4 yrs ago I built one myself. Used an ALPS switch, high quality RCAs, OCC hookup wire, in a powder coated steel box. Works beautifully. Easily spent over $100 on the parts alone but I have no regrets as it was a good project. Since then I bought a more flexible preamp and it’s no longer needed. My point though is if you’re handy this can be a nice DIY project. 

Hi, pete23,

I use a Schitt SYS for a similar situation (shared preamp input between DVD player and second turntable) and having the volume control is actually quite handy for equalizing the signal strength between the two sources. I can run the SYS full range with the phono input and attenuate the high output of the DVD player so the amp is running at an optimal level. I otherwise use Harrison Labs and Rothwell inline attenuators to adjust signal output strength of the DAC, bridge/streamer, and CD player. I hear no meaningful difference between using the SYS volume control and the inline attenuators. The stereo system sounds better with the signal attenuation than no attenuation at all. (Probably a good case for using passive or low gain preamps.)



It looks like there are good options including DIY. Thanks all for the information. Just to clarify, the player is another system and I only have about 30 SACDs but I will want to test some out with the new integrated amplifier. If a switcher provided convenience and transparency I would probably just go with that as I haven't ruled out that format yet. Thanks
Schiit SYS  ,works great and affordable