Is there an internal fuse in Adcom Preamp 555?

My Adcom 555 preamp has just stopped working. For some time the front light was unreliable and finally I've replaced the
rear 1 amp fuse and the light now works fine. Unfortunately there is nothing coming from the speakers, even when I have
tried it with another system that I own. Is there an internal fuse that can be replaced or is there a local repair shop in Eastern CT?
If you like the 555,just buy another one,you will probably spend more trying to get it repaired.Just my opinion.BTW,maybe you should ask again in another couple of hours!!
Thanks for the feedback. Not necessarily committed to it just that it's a match with the Adcom Amp of the same vintage
Hi I have a vintage 555 that Im getting ready to list
Still working, would be interested.