Is there an integrated amp that can beat my...

Rowland 112 amp and synergy II preamp? The rest of my system consists of: Audio Physic Virgo III speakers, Sonic Frontiers Phono 1, Music Hall MMF-7, Rega Jupiter 2000 cd player and Synergistic Research cables throughout.
Why not give the Jeff Rowland Concentra II a listen?
I would put money on the Tenor 75Wi, that is if you can handle a tube amps maintance. ~Tim
I recommend you audition the Sim Moon I-5 or Plinius 8200 Mk2.
YBA Passion Integre
I would get the Synergy IIi upgrade and call it a day. You might find something you like better but is it worth it? Is there something you don't like about your current Rowland gear? If so I wouldn't go with the Rowland intergrated, if not why change? I once owned a Synergy II with the battery supply and that was amazing. I put that combo in my "wish I still had it box".
wow, a SF phono 1 with a music hall tt, that is amazing! i wouldn't expect to see such a incredible phono stage with that set up.

can't suggest an integrated today, but good luck
What's wrong with you gear?

The Tenor are amazing but extremely expensive.

Under 10K, I would be ready to put my YBA Integre Passion against pretty much any integrated under 10K on the market... Overall, I beleive it would come out in the top 5 of all integrated on the market...

Then again, I havent't auditionned every integrated on the market but my gut feeling made me buy this unit. I guess it's a question of taste...

Just my opinion and taste.

I would agree that the YBA would be tough to beat. Also the Goldmund Integrated would be a top contendor. I don't sell either by the way.
I'd focus on upgrading your source components in a big way before thinking about changing your amplification.
Thanks for the response. I'm having issues with my wife, that's all. I'm a former tube owner and that was the first compromise I made with her. I was curious if there may be a good way to simplify the system w/o giving up too much, never having experimented with an integrated amp. Actually, the point about the source components is absolutely correct. And that is where my attention will be. I've been looking at a VPI Aries TT, but not sure where to go with a cd player/transport/dac???
The YBA integre, Levinson 383, Chord may also have integrated
Regarding upgrading your TT, please consider a Basis 2001 table / Graham Robin arm / Benz Micro L2 cartridge combination. I know a dealer that will give you a great package deal if you are interested. This setup will absolutely trounce aything near the price.

For CD, I think any of the new Cary models are fantastic. I'd guess that the 308 is likely the best "bang for the buck."
Go for Chord CPM series of Audio Analogue Maestro Grand integre. They are near impossible to beat.

Heard the YBA integre, and i was mighty disappointed. Very dry sound. Might have been the system though, but my experience with it wasnt earth shattering.

Badwisdom, did you hear the YBA Integre or the YBA Integre Passion? There's a big difference between the 2 models... Also, what where the associated gear? I'm very curious since I find my Passion Integre smooth, far from being dry...

Best Regards
I would agree that your source components are not even in the same league as the rest of your system and would focus my energy there. You will not find anything better than the Rowland gear, only different.
Berning ZH270. Not exactly an "Integrated", but has two inputs and volume control (no phono). If you want to try tube sound, this is an excellent one for $4500 listed.
The YBA Integre is anything but dry. It is one of the most liquid solid state amps made. Your problem is elsewhere.
Well, i heard the integre with a meridian front end 588, red rose speakers and nordost interconnects (think it was blue heaven).

let me explain what i mean by dry : the system was flat, aggressive and you just knew it was solid state. There was no bloom or warmth, not even the slightest color.

But this could be due to many factors (units might have been brand new, bad setup / room). I auditioned for 10 mins max as i wasnt there to look at that particular equipment. And im sorry but i cant remember if it was the passion or not. It was about 8 months ago so it probably wasnt the passion.

Badwisdom, I'm guessing that the Meridian output was not matched to the integre's line input sens. Also, I find the Passion a tad warmer than the YBA (with S-Faber speakers), so I'm guessing again that what you heard was the YBA.

Pmavridis: another suggestion that may satisfy you, given your present combo, is the Symphonic Line RG9 or RG10. I have heard these integr. synergise very well with Virgo.