Is there an easy way to eliminate 60 cycle buzz.

Solar system on my cabin with modified sine wave inverter causes 60 cycle buzz on my Musical Fidelity Integrated powered system. Is there any inexpensive way to eliminate the buzz.
Try a Monster Cable HTS series power filter with
stage 4 power filtering. Purchase from a dealer
with a refund period, in case it does not work.
You have actually maybe found the problem. Your amp does not like the power it is supplied. You are talking about a mechanical hum right? If not, and it hums out your speakers, then try a cheater plug on your amp to remove the ground.

For mechanical hum, you could try one of those things that fix the power (not a conditioner). Products like the Powervar, Blue Circle Music Ring, Equitech, Furman, PS Audio Power Plant, etc.. Waring that sometimes these devices will solve your gear hum, but then hum themselves.