Is there an audiophile or hi quality cheater plug?

My sonics of my integrated improve (more solid, fullness and weight) when I reverse the orientation on my Supra lorad PC. Does anyone know of a audiophile cheater plug or higher quality one that isn't such a negative to the sonics?
Maybe your AC recepticle is wired up backwards? Why not reverse the leads in the wall? I why not over a powercord with the wiring reversed internally? Either would accomplish the same thing without adding another detrimental series of connections.

Also when you reversed the orientation of your original cable, did you also eliminate the ground connection too? Maybe that is the difference you hear. Just a thought.
Thanks Aroc. I tested the polarity at my AC outlets. It's correct. Another aphile recommended re-terminating thepower cord. I'm not a diy guy. I'm thinking about the VansEvers reversilble 2 prong with ground wire. Any knowledge of these?
Check this,
Thanks Jea48 already read both.