Is there an app to turn on/off a krell interg amp?

Do you guys know if there is an app that can turn on/off my krell 400xi amp and monster power conditioner (HTS 5000) using my Ipod touch?
I currently have a Logitech Touch and Ipeng app to control my music library.

I remember there was a time we used to walk over and manually turn the equipment on.....those were the days.
Did either piece of gear come with a remote control? If so, you have a chance. If not, you're out of luck. And I don't see a reason why you'd want to turn off the power conditioner. It shouldn't be doing anything that consumes extra power over what's being pulled through it.
My krell amp does have a remote and the power conditioner has a 12v. I am looking for an app that I can install on my Ipod and use it to control my entire system.
You'll need something that has an IR receiver and 12V on/off triggers for the power condition unless the Krell has a 12V trigger and it can be controled via a IR command to the Krell. You might get lucky and find an app for the Touch that can control the Krell. You might have better luck contacting somebody who does remote control apps and send him the Krell commands if they're in the manual, or you can get Krell to give them to you.
Finding an app is beside the point - there are a number of issues here.

First, the Krell integrated should be left on 24/7, both for purposes of component longevity and for sound quality. If it was Class A biased and drawing 500 watts from the wall at idle (it's not - it draws 20 watts at idle) or if it was a tube amp, that would be another story, but a typical solid-state component like this must be left on 24/7. Solid-state components sound bad when cold and can easily take a day to reach thermal stability after being powered up, and their internal components break down over time as a result of the thermal cycles they're exposed to when powered up and down (they get hot and cold and thus expand and contract - this is part of the reason why freeways in the Northeast and upper Midwest turn to rubble in the winter). The only time your equipment should be powered down is if you have electrical storms passing through, in which event everything must be completely unplugged from the wall.

Regarding the power conditioner, they are designed for 24/7 operation, and because you presumably have a CD player or hard drive music server plugged into it, both it and the digital component must be left on 24/7 (cold digital sounds truly awful).

Finally, most power conditioners are current limiting and should not be used with power amps, which draw large amounts of current during operation. I took a quick look at the manual of your power conditioner to see how it's designed, but there was nothing that directly addresses the question. Unless you can get a solid answer, you're best off plugging the Krell directly into the wall.