is there an app for mac that plays any music file type?

hello folks!

looking for an app for a Mac desktop which will allow for all audio files playback.

is this possible without paying for a subscription service?

Accessibility to Apple's screen reading app, VOICE OVER is  imporrtant!

J River for mac is a no go as the August 2018 ver did not allow the Mac OS accessibility software to work with it at all.

ALSO it would be great to have one that will incorporate major audio streaming apps like SPODOFY, TIDAL, and maybe Quboz.

I've migrated or 'am migrating' from windows OS to the latest Apple OS 10.14.3 (MOJAVE).

My current physical library (30K or so files) has every concievable music file format. the majority of which (86%) are fLAC & ALAC in 16/44k, with a few AIF, FLAC, and WAV files in HD 24/96, or 24/88.

there are about 5K worth of MP3, WMA and AAC.

I'd vewry much like to be able to open up one app and play all my files and stream music from Spodofy & Tidal as well.

it this what ever app works with mobile devices, great but not necessary.

as for the new service Quboz? Maybe it too,. I was unable to get that one to play at all for what ever reason. Pilot error perhaps.

the only substitute app I've found is VOX and I am using the free version of it presently for unsupported file playback right off the HDD via FINDER.

I'm not opposed to paying for a subscription based media player but would sure like to avoid it with maybe a paid once for app which does not demand recurring periodic payments, if no free alternative exists.

any an all thoughts are quite welcome. Many thanks.
Audirvana is a particularly good player, although you should check if it meets your other requirements.

$75! Whoa. I've gotta say so far it is not a thrilling prospect.

Any other ideas out there? there must be alternatives.

Thanks for the ROON suggestion.

I'm supposing this is a one or there  other sort of dilemma, right?

no need to acquire both apps, ROON and the Nirvanna thingy too?

Is one of these far superior in flexibility and or sound quality, than is th other one?

'm guessing ROON being more expensive, is the more flexible app. still, I've seen on these pages talks of SQ with ROOn being not quite so good... subjectively speaking of course.

is ROON the current King of the Hill with media in general, or just with audio?  ala as was J River?
Having both Roon and Audirvana would be redundant.
Roon requires a lot of horsepower to run properly, so much so that they have started making their own hardware.  I suspect that some of the reviewers that complain about decreased SQ with Roon were running it on overtaxed Computers.

RE Roon SQ
really? I've not found any correlation between system resources and sound Qualirty as it is delivered by a personal confuser.

of course I'm not the last word on sQ and how or what a PC needs to possess for top flight audio output.

I would as soon suspect poor SQ to electrical problems or anomolies within the audio system electrical powewr supply or that of the LAN and its associated components.

I have achieved some exceptional sQ in past years merely by attending to electrical power line gremlins via passive PLC for the PC and most other parts of the stereo outfit.

I finally got audirvana plus installed and running.

audirvana plus has a significant flaw with mac hardware features during its operation.

A+, during file playback, takes 100% control of the default or selected audio output device, and does not relinquish it when playback is completed.

If only one audio output device is installed adaptive software facilities will be 'over ruled' or disabled and a complete restart of Voice Over is then necessary..

there is no hint this restriction of access to the built in audio output unit will occur until the app begins playback. at that instance, the Apple screen reading functionality is disabled by A+. it is a nuisance for sure.

inserting a set of USB Headphones and switching the Voice over default output device to them while leaving the orig (mini jack out to desktop speakers or AUX) settings for audirvanna alone, all went according to plan.
Apple's screen reading feature seamlessly jumped onto the USB HPs instantly. A+ continued on and while operating the a+ app Apple's Voice Over featureset announced each button or tab acccordingly in the A+ media player user interface. ....

this makes the A+ app attractive so far. it is not an easy app to manage.

I also found Amarra from Sonic Studios and installed a trial version. Amarra like so many third party apps and webdsites are simply not compiled with physically challenged people in mind, and certainly not with blinded people a consideration.

Amarra has a activation screen or window one must attend to prior to any functionality from the app.
this particular window does NOT allow keyboard navigation as does or did all the other notices and windows during its installation.

in this one window a mouse must be used to find and press the activation button yet there is no announcement of any element or button as the cursor slides about the frame.

this event takes place everytime the app is engaged to play files. or, if some glitch halts playback, the process must be repeated to resume playback.

for sighted people, this is only a needless aggravation.

for any blind person it is an undue but formidable obstacle preventing use of the software.

I've reached out to Sonic via their email only suport arm, so we'll see what happens next.

rOON Labs wil likely be the last kit I investigate beffore making a choice.
For it is worth I use Channel D's Pure Music on a Mac Mini. You have to buy a license but it a one time purchase and updates are included. It will play just about anything and it does a lot of neat stuff like upsampling.
It is not perfect. Once every 5 or 6 hours it will crash and has to be rebooted which I find annoying.