is there an alternative to PS AUDIO

I really like the idea of PS audio's power plant but don't like the idea of spending $10,000 to get all the power I need to run my amp. Anyone know of any other companies with the same idea?
This isn't exactly what you asked but....I have a P300 and since I have gotten a Powersnakes King Cobra, for digital and 2 Vipers for my amps. The diffrences brought about by these powercords was far greater than what the Powerplant does.
I recently read an article in Stereophile Guide to Hometheater and the reviewers seems to be of the opinion that the PS audio unit is better than the Monster 5000 but not by much. I was surprised. I have not heard either and can not make a recommendation. But I would listen to both before buying either and suggest you do the same. A few months ago, I listened to a Richard Grey unit. When the saleman left the room, I unplugged it and directly plugged the amplifier into the wall. I could hear no difference but do not claim to be an authority on the subject and realize many factors such as how clean your power is to begin with affect whether you will hear improvements. I then asked him to explain the benefits of the power conditioner. He went on and explained how much more detailed the system was with the unit in. I thank him and left without ever telling him what I had done. Needless to say I did not buy the unit. So until I hear the PS Audio unit I will reserve judgement. Suggest you spend a great deal of time with any such unit to evalutate it's performance on several occasions. I am not trying to start a war here just relate my own personal experience.
BYBEE. I had the P300 for about a month, and although it was effective in creating a blacker bacground in the music, it introduced an annoying hum in my components. Every Bybee component I've used has had a positive effect - power line filter, power cord filters, speaker filters, and interconnect filters. Each piece installed made a small but significant improvement, and together the difference is so great that when I remove them I can't stand listening to my system.
As I've mentioned in another thread, Powersnakes (Shunyata) is expected to launch a type of conditioner/power regenerator in Sep which is purported to eclipse all existing gear. Currently, it is anybody's guess whether it will be a meaningful improvement. The little I know is that it will have similar capability of the PS Audio 600. Based upon the excellent benefit many have noted with their PC's, I'm hoping their new device will uphold the company's reputation.
Yes. There is another company that makes a similar product, however it costs MORE! See Widescreen Review's site for an article that reviews all the major line conditioning products. You might try the PowerCompany products. They can provide similar benefits in some systems. To you PSskeptics. The PSAudio line is very much a YMMV product. The benefit you notice depends on your system's ability to resolve detail. The higher end the system, the greater the percieved improvement. It also depends on the quailty of the power in your area. When you get into true high end (which seems to start at around $15K...) the difference is well worth the $1K price tag.
The PS Audio is a tremendous product. Although it doesn't directly relate to sound quality, one of the things I like about the P600 is that its operating principles are logical and straightforward. It's good engineering as opposed to what some other product types offer. Accuphase makes a similar product, but I think its price is in the $8,000 area. Within the context of my system (Pass amplifiers and Wadia digital) the P600 is flawless. However, I suspect its benefits are strongest on front end components. As with any tweak type product, give it an in house audition. PS Audio policy is to give a 30 day trail. You can't go wrong with that! I personally think the P600 is a bargain.
There are a LOT of AC power supplies out there in industry, the PS Audio Powerplant does the same thing(according to the Stereophile interview). I used to use a lot of these at a former company. They are not cheap(but not normally $8000 either). I don't remember the companies who make these products, but if you are interested you could search: 1)the Thomas register(a series of catalogs used by American industry - like the B to B Yellow pages), 2)on the web, or 3)ask an electrical engineer. Oh, one more thing, the faceplates on these units are not meant to impress audiophiles, they are industrial equipment. So if you are the type of person who buys equipment for looks, you are sure to be disappointed. On the bright side, you won't have to pay audiophile prices(whatever the market will bear)/markup either.
I am using ONEAC (power conditioner) on my front end. This unit has the capacity for Transport to Preamp. I am happy with it, but I have nothing to compare it to.
I have the P300 with the new Multiwave upgrade. If there is an alternative I am not aware of it. Even before the Multiwave, no power conditioner or cord I have used even came close. And why should it? Any of the aformentioned products still use what comes out of the walls while the P300 creates its own. The solution is simple, elegant and very effective. I never realized how much impact the power supply was to audio components until I had the P300 in my system. For $1000 it is CHEAP money in this crazy audiophile world of 2K interconnects. BTW the Multiwave improved (and amazed me)the sound even more than I thought possible. This is an excellent product for those with ears to hear.