Is there a way to view previous purchase ad/description?

Hi - I am trying to look up the seller's original ad for an amp I purchased last year to refresh my memory regarding his description - is there a way to look up your previous buys on Audiogon?
To the best of my knowledge there isn't.

I know it doesn't help you now, but I always save the webpage for an item I'm about to buy
If you go into your personal settings and look up purchases/sales, it should bring up what you bought and bring up the original ad.
Yes -- if it's your purchase it's under your "Bought" list, look at the "original listing" tab

Also if it's someone else or something you remember seeing search via HiFi Shark and look at sold listings, you can pull up descriptions for expired AudioGon listings, the pictures might not be there but the description is retained
In addition to the above often googling a piece of equipment will bring up old Audiogon complete with pics and description.
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions - I found it!
Hi if shark under “sold” will link you to the original listing, don’t know how far back it goes.