Is there a way to report scammers on Agon?

Is there an infrastructure to report scam attempts on Agon? Usual case of somebody else's pics from a forum and bank transfer request in response to a wanted ad.

Presumably, the initiator is a registered member.
Many thanks! 

Actually  that link was on the page I'm now writing on...but I had to scroll down further than expected...duh!
I have contacted the mods before its usually a women and she will return your text in a day im sure good luck
I have reported many ads in the past to AgoN stuff ... they do act quickly.

I'll chime in here. I personally have posted adds on Canuk Audio Mart(Canadian Site) with generic photos that I have just grabbed off the internet, in fact I have a couple of cartridges listed right now that I have done this way. Sometimes I find it a little easier this way, as I tend to take poor pictures, but I will provide actual photos if requested by the potential buyer. I did not think that this would be a big deal to the interested parties. I actually sold an Oracle Delphi turntable a year or two ago with a pic that I just found on Google images, and got a response a few days latter from the actual owner that the picture was from. He was not upset, in fact he found it quite amusing. We spoke and I explained to him my practice of doing this, and he was fine with it.

After seeing this post,perhaps I should reconsider this practice.

In the case in question, the TT pictured was on a custom stone base. Very distinctive.

And the unit in the pic was not really distributed in the US or very very lightly, at best. I never saw one in my 40 years in audio in the US.
I know then from Europe.

In general, I expect that pics are of the item for sale unless noted otherwise.

I heard back from Agon support already and they are acting quickly. Good to know!