Is there a way to identify spare parts needed for Cowon D2+?

This is a letter i wrote to the Cowon official tech support to describe my question to them:

Hello, I am an owner of Cowon D2+, and my audio input are broken - only one channel is active and only if input plug is pushed hard. I could contact local Ukrainian Cowon service center, but several years later i tried to do that when i had firmware glitches and they said that repairing firmware will cost around 400 uah, and with my total income 900 uah monthly i could not afford that and solved problem myself. Since then war began, prices increased, but incomes - not so much, and now i recieve 1300 uah monthly, and i think that repairs in service center could cost me big half of my income (if even simple firmware replacement costed 400 even before the uah course dropped), if not all of it. And also i will have to pay a lot of money to sent my device to the service center because it's located in capital - no way i will ever collect that much money. So i have to search different ways to replaced it, but first i need the right detail. I searched around the net for a very long time but could not find any information about audio ports used for D2+. Can you tell me, please, what kind of port do i need to make it fit for my D2+? How do i know it's the right one? Also i would like to hear same answer about battery, because mine starting to grow old and now playing only few hours of music. It's not as important as the audio port, but still would be good to know what should i look for if i ever will want to replace it. I like my player a lot, music is one of very few things in my life that making me happy, so repairing it is a very important task for me. Please, can you give most detailed explanation you can give about specifications of the audio port i am looking for?

And this is their answer:

Thank you for the interest in our product. I'm sorry for the late reply. As spare part information is confidential, I'm sorry to say that we can't give you the information of it. I appreciate that you like our product and I understand your situation. But I appologize that I can't give you the answer which will meet your satisfaction. Thank you for using our product. Have a good day.

If support can't share that information, maybe someone else can? I really need to repair my player.