Is there a very nice SS amp around 1K?


I'm looking for thoughts on solid state amps around $1000 which have XLR & SE inputs... around 100 wpc or so.. and a balanced presentation.... and not real old.

Is there such a thing?

Usage is likely 50/50 music/HT... and as a back up amp for main system. So long as it doesn't have tendencies which stick out like a sore thumb, and is something one can listen to for extended periods... that'll probably do just fine.

ATI was formed by Morris Kessler, he owned SAE way back when. ATI also builds amps for other companies...Adcom, Outlaw Audio...and a few others.

I second Jmcgrogan2 suggestion of Odyssey Audio; also the man behind the scene Klaus.
Adcom 5802 300 watt powerhouse that runs in class A under normal listening. It is a 50 pound beast. It was just recently discontinued from its 1998 introduction. Lots of positive reviews.This was part of a high end endeaver using a Nelson Pass design. Used around $850. Can't do much better for the dollar!!
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