Is there a turntable book?

Has there been a book written about turntables? It would be great if there was a single source that covered set-up, cartriges, general user tips, record cleaning and care ect... If it doesn't exit, someone needs to do this!
From a publishers standpoint this may be like producing a sequil to the "Dead Sea Scrolls". I don't think there is what you are looking for out there. It would be a useful tool for the "Neo Analog" folks that have newly discovered or re discovered this fine way to listen to music. I don't want to take on this task though. I could come up with the title. "The Amish Audio Bible". I include myself in this group(although I do have rubber tires on my buggy)I didn't buy a CD player until 3 years ago and never let go of my grip on tubes. The onfo is out there you just need to hunt around and get it bit by bit.
I don't think it would need to be to be for "Neo Analog" folks only. It could have advanced chapters that would be of interest to experienced analog diehards as well.

With the desktop publishing available today, publishing need not be a major obstacle.
True & true! But I still think it would be a thankless task.
Check with the guys at They may know of a book like you are looking for. Although, most of the products and tools that you would buy for setting up a turntable and cleaning lps are gonna have that info.
Don't think that you are gonna find one book, though.
Definitely check out the products at The Needle Doctor.
Try these for starters:

The first two sites are online manuals for turntable setup, the second advertises a short pamphlet for sale.
Calling MIKEY FREMER! Time to write that all-inclusive vinyl - turntable - arm - cartridge - analogue book that we have all been waiting for!

He writes so very well problem selling such a 'bible' @ name-your-price, MF.
i have an extra copy of the all-encompassing "mephisto turntable manual" (with the embossed leather pentangle cover) available in mint condition. you can get it for free but must follow the lead of robert johnson. are you game? -cfb
...kelly, can you make an extra-copy?
CFB, I will meet you at the crossroads.
Galen Carol Audio ( has a nice introductory paper on turntable and cartridge set up. Go to his website and he has several topic headings. I do not remember the topic it is under but it will be obvious. The ultra tweeking is endless and table dependent.
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Thanks to everyone for the input. I have already found and pieced togeather alot of this information. I was just wondering if it had been assembled in one place. There have been alot of threads recently by Goners getting back to vinyl and thought it might be helpfull.
"Phonograph Blues"...will cure me, Cornfedboy...and I'd LOVE to have a copy of that Mephisto to assist sttting up my new Delphi V, JMW 10 and cartridge...which one? follow.
There was book published several years ago which I found to be very helpful. I did not read all the responses to your question because they seem to have gotten a little too foolish so I don't know if it was mentioned already. Laura Deerborn wrote a book called "Good Sound" that offered helpful advice on a number of valuable HiFi topics. The chapter on setting up turntables was very good. I have used it dozens of times to setup and recheck differrent things on my TT. If I understood your query I think this is what you're after. I don't have any idea about the availability though.
Good Luck
Is there anyone anywhere in audiophivillia that ever disagrees with "Mikey"? Look through any copies of his now defunct magazine THE TRACKING ANGLE and you see a vast sea of gone but never really here anyway artists and grossly overpriced products. Unless you need to have pretty pictures the information needed to properly set up an analog system is readily available here and at audioasylum. TAS did several outstanding article in their annual "Guide to High End Components" (some written by "Mikey")which you might find at a yard sale next to the records for sale. Get the information and look at the pictures in the mags on the newstands and spend your money on records like I do!