Is there a truly musical multiple CD player?

And if so, what is it? I've got a friend who has a reasonably good system, Gallo Reference 3.1s with the bass amp, and an NAD T-785 receiver. I keep telling him that if he wants real music he will have to go with a single CD player but what he wants is a multiple CD player. Does a beast like this exist? And if so, what is the best one?
I have a Rotel RCC-1055 multi-disc player. It is a good solid player that decodes HDCD. If it doesn't quite "sing" you can use it as multi-disc transport by running it through a quality DAC.
I have a Parasound Halo D-3 Universal player, and have
been enjoying it for the last 6 months or so with
no itch to change, which is a world record for me!
It sounds & looks great! It's a $2500 dollar unit
that can now be bought for $1100 new.
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California Audio Labs CL-10. They still show up once and while, used, for around $450. The unit does HDCD, has a variety of digital outs if you want to use a DAC, holds five disks, and is built like a tank. And sounds great.
My impressions are that they are mediocre at best, though hooked up to a decent dac, you would have a decent player.

The Parasound Halo Telescope mentioned, is a universal player, not a multi diisc player.
I was going to suggest California Audio labs as well. It will give him a taste of high-end sound and not break the bank(consistant with what he already owns). It's a shame they're not still in the audio business. See that he invests in some decent interconnects while he's at it too(ala Kimber), if he hasn't already.
The Onkyo Integra DPC 8.5 is a 6 disc changer universal player that will decode SACD. It was about $700. The DPC 8.5 has a button to bypass all video circuitry, and this improves sonic detail. It's not bad, but (from what I've been told) would be unlikely to match the sonics of a truly high end single disc player. As far as I have been able to tell, there simply are no ultra high end multi-disc players. However, the sound of this particular player improves GREATLY when it's used with the DAC I have (which is a Dodson 217 Mark II D with the 218-like upgrade, which has also been cryoed, but it was excellent before the cryo as well).

This thread from 2006 may also be of interest:

An Onkyo 6 disc cd changer can make a difference
I keep telling him that if he wants real music he will have to go with a single CD player but what he wants is a multiple CD player. Does a beast like this exist? And if so, what is the best one?

I think your advice is a form of audio "snobbery" and puts down your friend who probably likes music and relaxing a lot more than feeding a CD tray (like an assembly line factory worker).

I think your friend can still get "real music" from a megachanger. If he feeds the optical out to a "re-clocker" and DCA or simply a DAC that has excellent jitter reduction capability then there should be no reason why your friend cannot enjoy a large music collection. Alternatively - propose that he burn everything to a hard drive and use a high quality DAC - but to tell him he cannot have "real music" is hyperbole, IMHO.

Besides, the weakest link will still be his speakers even with a Best Buy megachanger...
I re-read my post and I hope it was not too strongly worded - no offense was intended but I think that we audiophiles get carried away sometimes in thinking that "anything normal such as a tone control" will necessarily sound terrible and is not real music...this is hyperbole of course. Many systems with tone controls can and do produce excellent sound or "real music" - sometimes we need only temper our zealous enthusiasm with a healthy dose of 'reality'.
Arcam Alpha MCD 6-disc cd changer. Oldie but goodie. -jz
Another oldie but goodie: the Anthem CD-1 from Sonic Frontiers
Thank you all, and yes you too Shadome, for your thoughtful responses! I'm going to see if I can track down the California Audio Labs changer for him. It's funny, he's no audiophile at all but he really gets it when the music is there...or it isn't, or behind such a glare that you get tired following along. Didn't mean to sound snobby with the 'real music' phrase, but then I'm a Single Ended Triode guy so you KNOW I'm living in a different world, if not actual planet....No, its OK, I'm used to it....
You're NOT alone when you speak of, "real music"!! There are those of us that still listen to it often enough to know what it sounds like, and seek to recreate the illusion at home. If that sounds, "snobby" to those that don't: So what? Facts are facts.

I'd suggest to mention to your friend that California Labs is no longer in business and that this is quite an old player. Just thinking about "repairs" and the age of the mechanical tray system and that a used one may have been abused/jammed on occasion. A DAC with a tube output could be coupled to a music server or larger changer and might be more along the lines of the realistic sound you are looking for. Opinions are just opinions though and the CL-10 will give good SS sound for sure.
The CL-10 is a v. good player and while parts are difficult to come by, not impossible. I recently fired mine up and while it was not in the same league as my APL 3910, it was not embarrassed. Given the HT Rcvr, I think its about the best he's going to do. I talked to my tech last week and he agrees its the best sounding changer he's ever heard.
Run any Sony ES multi player through the digital out to any good dac. They used to call it a Jukebox, now it's a music server.
Your iPod through a Wadia iTransport to a good Dac and you have a music server.
Your computer to a --------etc.
I second the Anthem CD-1; I found mine very musical and satisfying.
I have a 8 year old Aiwa changer modded by Stan Warren that was a real good sounding player.I used it with a MSB Gold Dac as I remember.I dont remember running it alone.If you guys are in Minnesota,your welcome to try it,good luck,Bob
I have a $2200 modded Shanling T-200 SACD player and a $7500 TT setup. Its a virtual toss up. That is a CD player I can live with and I always hated digital until these last 4 years. Mike
I have a California Audio Labs CL-10 that I'm considering selling. It's in great condition, just doesn't meet my needs anymore.

I'm open to discussing selling it. Located in the New York City area.
My Sony c222 modded by SACDMods is truly a higher end CDP. Musical, very good imaging and wide sound stage.I REALLY ENJOY programing a variety of music to read to, listen to, or just drift off to sleep to, without having to get out of bed in the dark to change a disc. Quality, dependability and convenience, all for under $700 total outlay, including all shipping. There are a lot of good modders and modded multiple disc CDPs available, and as noted many times elsewhere in these forums, they are a great value if purchased used.