Is there a transparent MM1 version?

I just want to be clear about that when I bought/sell transparent cables next time. One classified mentioned there is XL, MM, MM1, MM2 different version and the seller said MM1 is printed besides serial number on the cable network box. I don’t follow changes for transparent cable all the time, but I checked the transparent upgrade program on their web site. It said “As was the case when we moved from XL Technology to MM Technology, this evolution from MM to MM2 represents a significant improvement in performance”. Nowhere MM1 is mentioned.

Is MM1 actually MM, but some people call it MM1 to distinguish it from MM2?
MM1 is an unofficial name for MM.

MM was called MM until MM2 appeared: then people started calling it MM1. You certainly won't find "MM1" printed on network boxes. I recall my MM version Reference ICs and Ultra SCs did have "MM" printed by the serial number.
Yes, it's their previously SOTA cable whose resale value is deliberately lowered by their pricing MM2 identically.

And MM3 or whatever the next upgrade will be called will do the same thing to MM2.

It's Transparent's way of encouraging you to "upgrade" to the next level since you can only sell your old cables at suppressed market value.

TA makes an exceptional cable but their marketing is truly brilliant.

You can send in your old MM technology cables to Transparent and have them updated to MM2 technology, making them current without upgrading to the next level of cables.
This official. I contacted Transparent and they said MM1 is MM.
How is its performance? how much do y'all like the MM version? What's its characteristic in general? Enjoy.
MM is better than the XL version for my transparent super. It is transparent on the high, but lack of base a little bit. You need to climb their food chain to get more base, but the price are double when you move up every level. I guess they figured out how to make great sound by tune in the network box and that became their top of the line Opus cable, then they tune it a little worse to make their 2nd best cable and ....
Except the network box, are the Reference/XL/XL with MM/MM/MM2 are same cable? i.e,the same matereial ,same construction ,same look & same shape. Just wonder.