Is there a such too much power for speakers?

How do I know the amp I’m looking to buy is beautifully enough power for my speakers?
what will happen when the power amp is (way) over or too much power for the speakers?
My Local dealer quoted, “there aren’t limits on power amp, (but my budget that is). The more, the better, they added”
Their suggested highest amplifications are in $75k range (my speakers are in $20k range)
Please help.
While I disagree with the notion of the more the better, I don’t think a high powered amplifier can hurt a speaker as long as the listening volumes are within reason and the capabilities of the speaker’s drivers. General recommendation is to spend the budget on “quality” watts rather than quantity. 
KISS:If the first watt isn't any good, why would you want 200 more of them?
While it is true that you can use 20,000 Watts on a 20 Watt speaker, the real question is of personal listening experience.  There is no absolute guarantee that more power will be better, and sometimes the noise levels are significantly worse.

There are three areas where I think it is valuable to compare:

  • Dynamic range - Does it play effortlessly at your personal listening volumes? Don’t compare at volumes you know you won’t use.
  • Guts - The mid bass is a place where speakers can be challenging and discerning. Does it sound strong?
  • Mid to treble liquidity and balance to bass.

I suggest listening to modest powered amps with your speakers between Ayre, Pass, Luxman and D’Agostino. I think among them you’ll find a real sweet spot for yourself.