Is there a stereo receiver good sound compact size

It's for my second system in library.

The goal is good sound + simplicity, thus the receiver should be 'compat' in size about 9" deep

Currently I'm using JVC alll-in-one mini system, and want little bit more... upgrade.
Not a receiver. Yamaha, Denon, and Onkyo make some of the better minisystems. Beyond that, I'd look at Parasound's 'Z' line.
Linn Classik. All you need is speakers (receiver and CD player built in). Dimensions about 12.5"W x 13"D x 3.25"H.
Sounds great.
the linn...also the outlaw(receiver only)....lots of good vintage ones
NAD makes a CD/DVD Receiver. Various models over the years. This is the current model (L53).


The old NAD CD Receiver was the L40. Might be used ones around.

Integra Research (Onkyo) makes a 5.1 channel compact DVD receiver. Model DSR-7.3
I'll second the parasound line.

Others you may want to consider:

The Arcam Solo or the Cyrus Audio line of separates might fit your specs. If you can make enough room the Magnum Dynalab MD208 would also be nice but again not compact. The NuForce line (while not a receiver) is small enough to consider, just add a good CD player and/or tuner.

Any of the systems listed in this thread will be a worthy upgrade to your current equipment. Just be sure to audition your selection with the speakers you are considering/using (since you did not mention those).
If you want to go vintage, there's "The Advent Receiver" from the late 70's. Great phono section and compact size.
As with all vintage equipment it'll probably need restorative work. Cool retro looks, too!
Mac 1900 go for it
Thanks for all the input.

I'm planning to use Sqeezwbox as a source...

Well it's hard to find a one box solution.

Right now, I'm considering Adcom GTP-450 tuner/preamp + one of those compact amps(parasound, nuforce, Cyrus)


Creek 4330R integrated + tuner


NAD 1600 tuner/preamp + compact amp
I use a yamaha/piano craft series. It has a built in cd player and tuner. It blossomed when I added a pair of yamaha subs. I would recommend this for any small room. Perfect for the collge student. It will rock a large room. It's in my bedroom. I also use it when I'm upgrading my main system. This is where Best Buy, Circuit City, JR World, etc. come in handy.

Dont laugh. I have one like the second one hooked to a set of Mirage M-190's in my office.
The combo is very smooth and detailed for "work tunes" and much better than any of the "allin one" things I have heard.