Is there a standard for number of LP's per inch?

I want to get an idea of how many LPs I own. Is there an agreed-upon standard for how many discs are in a running inch, or foot? There is a lot of variation so it would be helpful to know if this is a known quantity.
Count ten then just measure that.
No, there is not standard "records per inch" calculation due to too many variables.  Just take some average records and measure how many make up an inch.
OK! Maybe I'll see if I can come up with a useful standard here. Thanks for your help!
Take a few samples from your collection to see how many per inch.   Then use the average per inch X # inches total and there is your estimate.

I'd separate out box sets if you can and count or estimate those separately.
also consider if a double album is one or two records as that will effect your outcome. also jacket thickness to some degree.
Guys thanks for all your responses. I was really trying to see if one of the collector organizations had previously set a standard. I'll take all your tips into account. Best to all.
You know guys can’t judge inches; they always overestimate. 
No standard depends on the thickness of the pressings etc.No such thing as LPs by the inch or foot.Good luck though!!
How many albums do you own?! Why not just count them all? Or count the LP's in one cubicle (if your racks are comprised of multiple cubicles), then multiply that number by the number of cubicles.
Inches? I measure by the yard. :-)

Better to measure the width of one hundred records and then use that.
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