Is there a 'Song Painter' loudspeaker?

Mac Davis had an album in the '70's, called "Song Painter".
This was the ultimate in names of audio gear for me.
IS THERE A SONG PAINTER LOUDSPEAKER?? One that allows us to hear music and not sound???
If so, what is the brand, model, name...I want to own it!

Depending upon the type of music you like to listen to and how deep your pockets are, either the Shindo Latour (~$48K) or the Auditorium 23 Solovox (~$11K). And they must be paired with the best possible electronics, which in my experience means Shindo. I hope to own a pair of the Solovox at some point.
the room...and what's going on in our heads.
If the "Shindo Latour" is out of your reach, then you may try the "Shindo 604" for about half or less (not the Field Coil) providing a future trade with the "Latour" in your list.
It's not necesary to buy a complete Shindo system (although it is the safe bet) but doing otherwise you must have the experience to balance the system properly.
(ie) - (FWIW) : I prefer a passive pre with DHT SET power & also, I find the Shindo cartridge/arm/table lacking detail, air & finesse.
But I could not find another speaker as THE ONE & ONLY for making peace with my mind & soul._ PERIOD.

Kind Regards
I believe there are many speakers that can do this provided your room will allow it and you feed them properly. If you meet this criteria, all that is left is for you to listen to the music and not the speakers.
Your move Grasshopper. ;)