Is there a Solid State amp that can satisfy a SET guy?

Have been a SET guy for so long I have forgotten what a good SS amp even sounds like.
Just bought a pair of $33k speakers that will replace my current $16k speakers. Both are from the same designer and both are 92db and a flat 8 ohms. The new ones arrive in 4 days!
My 300B based amps well drive my current speakers even though I do use the system nightly as a 2 channel home theater. Especially considering the HT usage, I think I may enjoy a SS amp with many times the horsepower. The speaker designer suggests using a Leema Hydra II. I have written to Leema telling them of my 300B preference and they assure me that their amp does not have the destructive harmonics that make a SS amp bright. There must be other SS amps that can satisfy?
Brother, once tubes are in your system, nothing else satisfies like tubes. Your new 606’s sound like a dream! Is it me, or are these built upon a common open baffle theme? Take away the enclosed sub and what you have is an open baffle speaker. I previously owned open baffles with an AMT horn produced by the former Hawthorne audio company. The bass driver however was completely open like the upper drivers. Anyway, enjoy your 606’s, they appear truly beautiful!
Brinkmann will put a smile on your face!
How bad is tube rush from your listening positions with 300B SET amps?

This thread made me interested in auditioning a small 300B SET amp for a near field desktop system where high power isn't necessary. It might not be a good idea with high tube noise. 
Only Robert Koda Takumi K-160 can beat just about any tube amps in existence.
Perhaps with time invested in Pass Labs XA-25, First Watt SIT-3 you would come to see their beautiful strengths like I have experienced. That said, I love BOTH worlds so I have a Luxman switcher for when I want this or that...