Is there a solid fuse-like item that I can use in place of a fuse, to bypass it?

Hi All,

instead of using a "gourmet" fuse in certain situations, I want to bypass the fuse entirely with a solid piece of metal. I also want to avoid soldering-in a piece of wire in the fuse’s place.

Are there solid pieces of silver or copper, the same size as a fuse, that i can swap into a fuse holder?


lots of gloom-and -doomers in this thread.  I'm sure you think this is my first rodeo.  

I'm not going to argue with you.  This is America, you're entitled to your opinion.  Please make sure you have fuses, surge protectors, and breakers all to keep your home from burning down the next time you're playing music.


Your house is protect by the breakers. You are protected by ground fault circuits. The fuse is to protect the amp. Houses don’t burn down because of fuses or breakers in equipment. The neighbor did manage to burn 1/2 her house down behind an electric mickey mouse clock in the basement with a 2 wire plug. The wire caught on fire and NEVER blew a breaker. It was ruled improperly wired. A licensed contractor and the CITY signed off on it 11 months before. It was suppose to be a GFI or some weird protection circuit. Like for a swimming pool. Their basement floods it has a sump and pump..

Usually fires are heaters, or kitchen fires. I’ve seen caps blow. BUT I’ve never seen amps catch on fire. Tube fires are pretty cool.. LOL

My stuff just dies. I have dropped a couple boom boxes off buildings.. That’s cool. They explode.

Sure use a piece of copper contact made, 

But if a failure happens you have -0 NO protection !!