Is there a small Planar that can fit on a deck?

Hi there I was curious if anyone made a small desk size electrostatic speaker, Or if anyone knows a link to a DIY build?

I was thinking it would be a great way to try out an electrostat as I don't own a house and their too room dependent but for my desk they could be a fun way to explore and maybe throw on some mods along the way.

I was thinking about it and for MP3's on Pandora electrostats might just breath some extra life into them (or suck the life right out of them)

Anyway always good to learn new things
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Putting electrostatics outside doesn't seem like such a good idea to me. Planar's are another thing altogether.
Magnepan is coming out with a desk top planar. Check out gizmodo:

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,ini maggie--14 by 9 inches with woofer panel for $1495 will ship sometime during september. steve guttenberg has heard them at the magnapan plant. you can read his comments by googling "mini maggie".
Monsoon as noted, Eminent Technology has a pretty impressive small monitor with Planar midrange driver.
Have to chip in as I have Monsoon 700's on my desk. Great value for the $$$. But if you watch for a set of Monsoon's be careful to stick with 700's or 900's. The others are not planars and are significantly cheaper sounding. I can't tell you how many times customers commented in my office about the sound quality of my Monsoons.

That said I can't wait to hear the baby 3.7's (as they are called in a preview article in Innerfidelity online magazine. $1495 includes woofer system and article says you need quality and quantity power.