Is there a service that examines used cartridges?

There are a good number of very high quality (and high price) used phono cartridges being offered for sale these days, which are very tempting, yet at the same time very scary. Does anyone know of a reputable service (company or individual person) who has the expertise to inspect and examine used cartridges for damage and would be willing to serve as an "escrow" for the purchase of a used cartridge - for a fee, of course? I'd certainly be willing to risk something like 10-15% of the purchase price up to maybe $200 to have the piece of mind that a used cartridge I pay a $1,000 or more for isn't seriously damaged and virtually worthless.
If you have a sharp eye or magnifying glass and sewing needle you can easily check the cartridge as follows:

1. Stylus tip can wear can be viewable through pocket microscope or magnifying glass. Diamond stylus tip usually never wears out.

2. Cantilever should be perfectly straight and have no bows or nicks of any kind. Gently touching cantilever with sewing needle you should feel it's motion. You must make sure it returns on the initial position.

Usually the cantilever motion spring is the most vulnerable piece that wears out in normal cartridge use.

A few precautions before transactions:

--Make sure that cartridge has an original packaging or dedicated one.
--Prefere or aim for local pickup if possible
--Escrow idea should only probably be used with an authorized company or the individual that both parties agree . Please note that escrows can add more hype to the disputes if such occurs throwing fault between three parties!
--If cartridge hasn't been used for large number of years(>3) than most-likely it needs re-tip and can be bought at the body price only.
--If cartridge is offered at the price close to the price of body, well, you're just gonna have to forgive seller if you have to re-tip it next month.