Is there a run-in time for Dynavector XX-2?

I have just purchased a Dynavector XX-2 and would like to know if there is a run in time and if so what changes can I expect. Also, does anybody have any idea what load setting I should use on my phono preamp??
I would love to try that cartridge, but my system can't handle such low output without a SUT. Anyway, a quick check states the recommended loading on that cartridge is 30 ohms. As for break in, don't know for sure but I would imagine upwards of 30 hours.
This specific cart dont know. Normally cart change a lot in the first 25-30 hrs and then settle slower. as new they ar normally excessive bright and edgy. Then smooth out and bass will develop.enjoy how it develops.:-)
Not much changes after 25-50 hours but you'll need to fine tune the VTF and VTA.

Very precise alignment is critical.

My XX2MKII improved greatly after about 50 hours or so, and continued improving for a while after that. Although Dynavector recommends a 30 ohm load, after I achieved optimal set up, and with a Modwright SWP 9.0 Signature phono stage, the cartridge sounds best at 500-1000 ohms. Others on this forum have also stated this loading works for them. From what I experienced, when your cartridge is not optimally set up, it won't sound good at anything much beyond 30 ohms.

Actually, the recommended loading is >30 ohms. So Dan's 500-1000 ohm is well within Dynavector's recommendation. We can't tell you what settings to use on your phono for two reasons.
1) We don't know what load settings your phono preamp offers.
2) We aren't doing the listening, you are.

Try them out and see which one you like best.
I pretty much agree with Islandmandan, though I'm setting the loading for my XV-1S at 250 ohm. I just got in the mail today a set of load resistors from DB Audio to further dial in the right loading.
Thought you might be interested in my impressions on my XX-2 with "Missing Link" phono. Its still been less than 20 hours of use, but the original reason I wrote this was that some of the midrange had gone MIA and the Dynavector wasn't upto the level of my cheap Ortofon X1-MC. But now the bass and midrange have improved of the scale. Also the resistance settings seem to make a fair bit of difference but with my Scan Tech Dorian it didn't make much difference at all. I'm currently listening to Cat Stevens hand you can clearly hear his steel strings on his acoustic guitar. I love this hobby. I look forward to further improvements.