Is there a reliable CD that is safe and works?? Also a CD laser cleaner??

This is a two headed question about CD and Laser cleaners.  I have seen adds for Shinola CD cleaner and possibly Mobile Fidelity.  I am always concerned that these liquid  cleaner may eventually damage the CD play surface.

I ask because today while playing a used CD of an older Belle and Sebastian album,  the last two tracks began to warble and repeat, then actually stopped even though the time counter was moving. I cleaned the CD with a simple eyeglass cloth WITHOUT a liquid cleaner, but it did not help.

I don't recall this problem before, but noticed one or two very superficial scratches on the CD playsurface.  The CD player is a Ayre CX-7e mp and has performed flawlessly for the last 4 years of ownership. The CD currently is one shelf above from a BAT power amp that gets hot after a hour or so after turn-on and use. At times, the CD chassis seems warm.

I would hope that the heat from the amp is not causing the player to misread the CD.. This never happened before and the amp has at least a 4 inch clearance on top, for air flow.

Thanks,  SJ 

Jim, I think you should remove the top of the unit and clean the lens.
Use 70% isopropol alcohol and a Qtip and clean the lens in a back an forth motion, not circular. And don't soak the lens.

I got this tip from ARC. I do it about 2x year.
It sounds like its probably the CD and not the player. Try coping the CD and see if the copy works. Most of the time, it will.

Before you open the Ayre and clean it, I would call them first and see what they say. Ayre is a really good company, and I've seen many times where a manufacturer like this covers the product under warranty years after it expired.
Yes open the dam thing and clean it! you dont need to call anyone. These things get dusty on the inside, use a air duster to blow the hell out of the inside, then use a moist eyeglass cloth to physically wipe the lens clean. Then check the spindle the CD sits on and clean the top of that as well. Your CD player should operate flawlessly.

Matt M
Follow the above suggestions. I have had great success using eye glass cleaner on a Q tip or soft eye glass cloth. Been using a Memorex CD lens cleaner with little brushes on the disc for years along with compressed air. Good luck 😀

Thank to all who have responded. That is a good amount of information to clean the optical lens.  

Cheers, S.J,