Is there a real difference in sound between Media Servers (without built-in DAC)?

I'm trying to choose a media server and am currently leaning toward a Bluesound Vault 2.  I would most likely connect to an MQA-compatible DAC like a Mytek.  We all know transports make a difference to sound quality, but is there a discernible difference between media servers?  The Bluesound is pretty cheap at $1,200.  Would a NAD 50.2 or Aurender or other more spendy server sound significantly better?  

Rest of the system is Line Magnetic LM 518IA 22W integrated into Merlin TSM monitors, analog is Rega RP-6/Dynavector20X2L/Heed Quasar

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I'd recommend the Bluesound in a heartbeat.
The DAC in the Node 2 has gotten very good reviews, but if you want to go with a separate DAC, then a Schiit Gungy or Yggy would be my choice. Though if you absolutely need MQA then the Mytek would be a good choice.