Is there a quality website that lists upcoming releases of music

I cant seem to find a quality website that lists upcoming releases of new and re releases of music. 

Where do you look for your release news?
I generally get information about new releases on Tidal and Spotify, but if you're not using one of those services, check out
I'm on Music Direct's email list and they're always sending info about rereleases.  It's certainly not all-encompassing and it's geared more toward audiophile recordings.

A must visit every Friday. Good reviews, release info and discographies.  
Pitchfork also has news on new music coming out
For Americana music, there is the No Depression website. You can sign up for their frequent emails.
For information about re-releases of old music, I go to The Second Disc. It’s updated daily.
i likewise find to be the most comprehensive and generally reliable source of info on new releases in all genres
Thanks Stanleylocke! That looks like a great source.