Is there a problem at Revel?

Apparently, dealers are telling customers that Revel is no longer shipping speakers and some dealers are dropping the line. Is there really a problem at Revel?
Isn't Revel a Harmon Intl. company too? They may be experiencing similar problems as Proceed and Mark Levinson. I think Proceed is dropped altogether at this point and ML is being "restructured." Arthur
There was a post I read recently involving Quality Control and the wage's which tech's are paid at ML. Was not encouraging to say the least.

I do not remember if it was just a disgruntled employee or what,but I definitely do not like what has happened since Harmon has taken over of several Cos..

I had hoped that lower priced products would incorperate some of the inovations which some of the other subsidaries were known for. Seems like when these Cos. get bought up they are gutted with less quality with a higher cost.

Another aspect is that things are done in order to increase the bottom line for shareholders.The people that suffer are the consumers.

One person that looked at the Revel XO's I know of was not impressed with the quality of parts used. That is not to say the speakers had sub par performance,bu t when looking to buy speakers that are to be considerd SOTA then SOTA products should be used.

I think Audio is becoming a specialty area. Small Xos. adn designers are the ones that are putting forth the best products these days IMO. I looked and found yrs. ago that you get more for your $$ by getting stock units that can be modified to bring performance up. It is becoming more common these days with the advent of things like Modified DACs.

Just some observations.
Levinson and Revel will soon be stronger than ever. The "restructuring" is inconveneient but I'm told will result in stronger SOTA components that will be as dependable as Lexicon which Harmon claims as their model for Custy service. I've been told by industry sources that in the "short term" the changes are inconvenient at best and that Sydney Harman has stressed that he expects Harman Speciatly Group to advance the SOTA and has been disappointed that Levinson and Revel have taken so long in revamping their line, thus the drastic changes. Some of the "Legacy" components have not been updated since the 90's. I say all this in support, but am myself a personal victim of these changes and consider the implementation of this plan (if there was a plan) "half-baked"(a kind word)and extremely poorly timed to the detrimation of the brands and the dealers. I would expect many dealers to take on new lines. They can't stay in business without product. Time will tell.
I was told that Proceed is "gone". Levenson is moving their plant to__________?
One thing I am sure of is Harman International stock is doing exceptionally well. They hit a record high of 130 today! I'm sure at out expense.....
Revel is introducing several new speakers shortly (I was told this by Revel), one of which will replace the highly regarded M20. This may explain lack of current shipment.
Only two, some odd, years on the market and they are going to discontinue the M20s? I find that hard to believe, considering the short time they've been around. But,hey, who knows? I would think these are an addition to the Performa line, but what do I know about marketing and the like. It's a timely post (concerning the M20s), considering I'll be selling my M20s on down the short road. Upgrading to some new monitors. peace, warren
My dealer relayed the following story.
ML's quality has been very unreliable and was hidden to many at Harman. Once discovered they turned to Proceed which also has/had problems in many areas. Therefore, Proceed is no more and ML has lost control. Lexicon, which has been doing extremely well in QA, sells volume and product management is the "model" to adapt. Many heads rolled and a high ranking Lexicon officer has taken the lead role in the restructure.

Revel and Lexicon have been doing well and Revel is replacing the M20 with the M22, the F30 with the F32 and so on. The new models are similar to the current F50/F30 models in appearance and will receive a cost increase. The F30 alone will add $1000 per pair, but will have a solid grill cover ala.F50 and be reduced in size (should help WAF).
Either way, I still love my F30s!
What about the M22's cost?
I can buy the story that Harmon is re-vamping the line up and what not, especially if they intend to make their various product lines more reliable.

What does marketing and next-generation attributes have to do with making customers wait several months for repairs??? If this is the case Harmon's priorities are not servicing their current customers, and in business, those customers run (not walk) to your competition. You've lost your customer because you committed the cardinal sin: you took him/her for granted. I'm glad I don't own any products now under the Harmon moniker, I sure wouldn't want to wait months for something faulty to be repaired and returned to me.
Done some homework boys. The new Performa 32s are targeted to cost $4500 and the M22s, $2200. They (the M20s) are, visually, quite boring. Hum drum. I think the M20s are much cooler looking. Sound? Not a clue. The Performa 32s, on the other hand, look, more substantial, but again, boring on the visual side. I also thought the 30s were more interesting looking. But hey, I have the Sistrum Mini Monitor Speaker Platform System, so you know where my aesthetic eye leans. We'll soon hear (literally) what this is all about. peace, warren
Music Lovers in Berkeley, CA (510-558-1000) confirmed they can't sell any revel products other than demo. products, which they are discounting heavily. Revel has stopped shipping speakers and Music Lovers doesn't know when Revel will start shipping again.
I also want to add to the above post. Another problem Revel encountered was using only one wood supplier, which ultimately caused a backlog, especially one finish (can't remember which). Thus, supply could not meet demand and this obviously has repercussions. For this reason and the fact that the current models are being replaced may cause the "no-shipping" mode currently at Revel.
My emails to Kevin Voecks and Floyd Toole are going unanswered.
There are problems getting drivers for warranty repairs.
Something is not right and Lexicon is NOT the group to field the calls
Kevin Voecks has told me that they have contracted with two new cabinet suppliers and that production has resumed.
Sold my M20s just in time. Hey, those babies couldn't step into the ring with my new Harmonic Precision Caravelles. Sorry, off the thread, as usual. Will talk more about these babies, after a serious tympanic tango...peace, warren
Completely agree with Jefflo, I would never advocated anything affiliated with Harman International. Since they acquired several brands under their badge, regardless of what they might make audiophiles think, their ultimate priority is: the bottom line and their stock holders.
Have you noticed all the gutting that has occured with so many, so called audiophile companies, when they are acquired by corporations? If I am to pay exorbitant amounts of money for speakers and other hifi components, I believe it will be a long term commitment, but if their idea of longterm is just a couple of years and then, begin to get rid of repair parts etc....then, what is the value of buying these products? In no way, Revel an affordable line, their lowest speaker running upwards of 2K retail. Maybe dealers who are unloading them at heavy discounts, do by not wanting to deal with a possible troublesome repair policy/company. Sad day for ML and now, Revel.