Is There a New version of Logitech Media Server?

I noticed a messsage on my music server yesterday indicating a new version of Logitech Media Server was available. Have not had a chance to investigate further yet.

That surprised me in that Logitech no longer produces Squeezebox clients for the server and I had not noticed any updates available for quite a while.

So is this a legit update? Who is supporting the server these days and doing updates? Logitech still?

If anyone knows anything about this, please chime in.

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I have 3 SB's and yesterday they pushed an updated version to my server when I arrived home from travel.

Version 7.7.3 with a build date of Mon, Aug 12, 2013

I am unable to tell you if any functionality changed or not, since I haven't fooled with it yet. Don't know if this helps you or not.

Here's the changelog for you. Rootman

Version 7.7.3 - 2013-08-21

New Features:
Replace custom OSX installer with a standard installation package (.pkg file). Please note that the OSX build now requires OSX 10.5 as a minimum.
Make the OSX PrefPane 64-bit compatible.

Server Changes:
Improved support for radio station artwork. Improved radio station browsing.
Remove legacy Napster plugin. Napster now is a Rhapsody company.

Platform Support:
Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks, which has Perl 5.16, is now supported.
Perl 5.16 modules for Linux systems have been added.

Bug Fixes:
#8141 - Macintosh: Prevent Sleep While Playing
#15896 - Missing metadata information due to cr/lf in title information
#16409 - Playlists menu should show album/artist
#17542 - Albums not credited to Album Artist
#17635 - Search results have album art instead of track art
#17894 - urlmd5 column in tracks table aren't set correctly for FLAC + CUE images
#18036 - Cometd client manager fails to purge dead clients causing memory leakage
#18043 - urlmd5 column in tracks table not set properly for new playlists
Fix "cannot request non-http url" issue when bringing up the context menu on a remote stream
Artwork cache would grow forever
Fix default expiry duration in cache code - it would expire immediately if not overwritten in the caller.
Improve recovery from corrupted cache files
If you go over to audio asylum there is a warning about this upgrade. It is chrashing the program for a lot of people and you cannot go back. They say they are working on the problem but no luck yet. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UPGRADE
Hmmm. Yesterday I was unable to connect to (and thus access Pandora and MOG) for an hour or so, then fine. Sorry to be of no help!
I received the message, too. Don't do it! It started to install and then crashed during install. Had to go find previous version and re-install. It was strange! Maybe user error, but I don't think so.
In response to my response. It worked this time. Apologies.
Here's the info from mheger, a long-time Logitech Squeezebox employee. (

Logitech Media Server 7.7.3 released

Who would have thought?... We just released version 7.7.3 of the Logitech Media Server software. This is a minor update with most important changes for OSX users:

Improved OSX support: new signed installer, 64-bit preference pane, improved power management handling, support for the upcoming OSX 10.9
Support for Linux versions running Perl 5.16
Improved radio station artwork handling
Fixed several issues with caches
Fixed a memory leak
Several minor bug fixes

See the full changelog for more details.

The latest LMS 7.7.3 files can be grabbed from (or
DO NOT UPDATE warning over on AA regarding this update.
In fairness, I think it should be pointed out that it was a single person who reported problems at AA. Another person there updated without any problems. I don't think there has ever been a software program created that didn't have an issue for someone, somewhere. Note all of the prior versions are still available and it is easy to revert back to an earlier version if you don't get the results you expect.
Here is the opening post, decide for yourself.

["Which is 7.7.3
It does not work and when I called tech help the guy said that they are attempting a software fix and meanwhile there is no tech help being offered and no way back to the previous version.
He also said in all the time he has worked at their tech dept he has never ever seen so many calls coming in all for the same problem."]
I had one instance in the past where a LMS upgrade caused problems more than it helped in my case running on common Windows platform.

Everything has been working well, so I will be holding off for now until things are reported as more stable.

My gut not jump into new updates to software that is no longer making money for anyone....

Are the older versions still downloadable? Ability to reinstall an older version if a problem would make upgrades less risky at this point. PRoblem for me with that for me is I still use the old handheld theme for use with my older handheld windows mobile device browser and I have to re-install that manually myself after an upgrade. Thats just an inconvenience for me though, not a showstopper.
Are the older versions still downloadable?

Yes. All prior versions of the software (going back years to the SliMP3 server) are available at

Thanks. I thought that was the case but had not checked recently. That makes the situation a lot more manageable. Hopefully the existing support resources continue to be made available for well into the future as long as existing SB clients continue to survive, which will hopefully still be quite a while.
I've installed this update and not noticing any difficulties at all
Anyone installed to Windows 7 and using .wav files specifically with no ill effects?

Or seeing any benefits?
Been running since Wed and no problems.
I wasn't aware of the new 7.7.3 version of the server until reading this forum earlier today so thanks for the info. I installed it a couple of hours ago with no problems. After updating my library and trying it out it works fine. I see no problems or improvements as of yet and will keep you posted if any arise and of course look forward to hearing about all of your experiences here on the forum.
I did the upgrade. Seems to work fine. Not noticing any real difference in my case so far. I also received notice and upgraded both my SB Touchs in addition to the server.
I've done the update with my Duet + Touch mix... going strong, no issues!...

Now if I could just expand and grow... my low-budget Kingdom for an (inexpensive) SqueezeBox piece!! :-)