Is there a NEW CD TRANSPORT for under a $1000?

I already have a DAC:
Modified Audio Alchemy DTI PRO 32 with
Monolithic Power Supply, Modified Perpetual
Tech P3a with Monolithic Power Supply

The only "budget" recommended components I'm aware of are from OPPO. But they only manufacture players (?). Why pay for a built in DAC, I don't need? Unless, I have no choice at my price point (?). Thanks
I believe Musical Fidelity has a Transport for under $1000. Pacific Valve Co. might have something also...
Get a Rega Appolo and replace the laser. Probably around $500-$600 total cost. Use it as a transport only.

Happy Listening.
Emotiva is putting out soon what looks to be a great value/performance cdp for under 500. Just use the digital out.

the build quality looks pretty good too from the pics on the site.