Is there a monitor speakers with just one driver?

...want to search market for specific brands on full range one-driver speaker. I want to use it solely for midrange in addition to the 2-way speaker with active crossover.
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Norh way have a one driver model (, but I don't recall seeing any made by anyone else...nothing hi-end anyway.
Hey, I thought you were going on a financial diet w/no more upgrades for 2 years!
tannoy also makes one-driver (dual concentric) monitors in the "saturn" range. -cfb
I think I understand the question, but I would also point out that for most practical purposes, any midrange driver is a full range one, it just can't reproduce the extremes without help(Bose, and it still nee, never mind)Given that, if all you are going to use this for is midrange,IMHO, you should be looking at a quality midrange driver, or some of your small studio monitors. I still forsee incredible problems with with output matching and driver blending. Maybe if we knew the exact application we(I) would understand it better.
Lowther drivers are full range -- but they need specially designed cabinets to work well.
My favorite full ranger is the Fostex. Either 108Sigma or the 168 Sigma. They make sweet music but like most full rangers suffer on the bottom. Good thing is they are cheap (compared to some of the Lowthers) and there are plenty of good designs available in the public domain.
The Tannoy Dual Concentric Driver is actually 2 seperate speakers. The tweeter in the center has its own magnet and wiring, completely seperate from the bass driver surrounding it. Thus the Bi-Wire hookups on the back of any Saturn (S6, S8, etc), Definition (D50, D70, etc. Saturn replaced this model because it was identical to the High Definition, but half the price) or High Definition (D500, D700, etc), and on up the price list. The point of the driver was imaging. The Point Source idea, where all the sound comes from one point, makes for a VERY real sound. So if you use the Tannoy driver for midrange only, you'll be running through a crossover in the speaker, which doesn't sound nearly as good as biwiring (atleast with my D70's), so I think it would be, well, kind of a waste of a great sounding "Full Range" speaker. Their midrange is excellent though....