Is there a list of currently made/new dynamically balanced, i.e., VTF, tonearms?

I believe the Linn arms, the new Rega 330 (and maybe some others) and the SME V are dynamically spring balanced. Other desirable criteria:

1. Damping trough or other method of selective arm/cartridge damping
2. Dynamic anti-skate (not a string or twisting a wire)
3. Dial adjustment of VTA
4. Adjustable azimuth
5. Once the adjustments are set they remain that way - don't want monthly maintenance.
6. Optional - three fixing holes in the head shell or ability to drill one!
7.  Works well with a new SOTA Vacuum Cosmos (not over 2.5lbs.)

Of course this all assumes the arm, table, cartridge is set up properly.

Please, I don't want to get into a discussion of why static balance is better or worse. It is VERY difficult to get this information from many manufacturers. Thanks for your help.